General Gardening Tips










Most of you that have read this blog have learned a great deal about gardening, but the things that we haven’t told you is that there really is no tip to gardening that works for everyone. Perhaps the best tip for gardeners is to learn your own style and learn what works for you. It is just a fact that some people are better at growing different crops than others and that people thrive in certain situations and environments.

Now you were probably looking at this post for tips that would help every garden grow and the fact is that there simply is not anything like that out there. Sure you could give your plants proper sunlight and water them enough, and reading gardening supplies reviews, but this is common sense. When it comes to gardening, the real talent lies in finding what works for you and finding out why you enjoy gardening in the first place.

Finding your groove

It can take quite awhile to find your groove when it comes to gardening. People often start with the idea that they just want to garden and have no experience. This is fine, this is the essence of what we are trying to share. Simply diving in rather than trying to look up every aspect about gardening. Finding your own path, finding our why you like gardening and finding out what you are good and not so good at.

Here we are a community that is based on knowledge and understanding and what we have found as a collective is that gardening is a lot of feel, a lot of science, and a lot of fun. If you want to know how to garden look inside and ask yourself what you want to like about gardening. Then and only then will you be on your way.

Essential Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

One of the best ways of saving money and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by growing vegetables in your garden. There is no limit when it comes to establishing a home garden as there are so many ingenious ideas that you can use to grow plants in the small space that you have in your patios.

For instance, there are companies that use old car tires to come up with elegant planters that you can use to grow various types of plants. However, that is a story for another day. For today, let us look at some of the essential vegetables that you should grow in your garden.


There are thousands of food recipes that you can prepare using tomatoes as the main ingredient. For instance, you can use it to make smoothies, salads, and even crush it to make a homemade sauce to serve alongside your favorite meals. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that will boost your wellness.



They are packed with vitamins and fibers that just like tomatoes will boost your healthy by enhancing your immune system. Choose the best variety to get a bumper harvest when they mature. One of the highlights of carrots is that they can last for weeks if well preserved.


These green vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fibers that will promote digestion. If you are on a raw food diet plan, you can use them to make smoothies in the morning.

Grow these vegetables in your garden to promote your health.