Find Your Zen


Now typically when we’re talking about zen it is used in the context of Japanese gardens.

However here at Swiss gardens, we understand that this is a feature that is comes from a well detailed in well ordered to the garden.

Now there are very many elements of what comprises of a garden and as you can see sometimes you want a predefined path to go through it.

Know how you would do it if you would have a stone path and that stone path with it marked the actual lane for walking.

Because I don’t know about you but when I remember growing up my mom had me helping her out in her garden she did not let me step into her little petunias and a little sun flowers.

In addition to a path are also other elements that I will help facilitate to make your garden the best it can be.

There needs to be a balance between the Sun and shade depending on the type of plants and vegetation that are in your garden.

If you have to have a lot of seasonal or perennials or even the other flowers and types of plants that are thriving more in shade and stay the whole year or Stay for a short stretch of time but yet however needing to be replanted the next year.

Whatever the case is it is up to you to be able to discern what your plants need and what you truly need and what your grass needs and even if there are necessities for your pond.

Stay tuned for more tips!

A Garden Getaway


Sometimes you just need to get away if for no other reason, just to clear your head.

Have you ever been in an environment that was just so congested maybe it was tents made with stressful make was full of drama but for whatever reason you knew that it would benefit you just get away for some time.

However and whatever form that they get away is going to take place may not yet be clear to you but yet never left to realize that there are places that were created to release stress.

And then sometimes in the midst of the hustle and the bustle and we realize that we deserved and we for that much-needed balance that we need to stay at our best that we need to take a break sometimes.

What are the some of the benefits that our abundant Gardens can offer for some of your getaway needs?

We offer an atmosphere it’s really reconnect with yourself and also with nature in a way that is rejuvenating replenishing it also balancing.

Sometimes we were running around, especially in the bigger cities, and are just like the hamsters on the spinning wheel and just filling our lives with as much stuff as we can just to be busy.

Whether you come out to our lawns and threw a picnic with your family or even looking to throw an event like maybe a wedding in our gazebos or Terraces.

We will make sure that you find what you need with us

Secluded Paradise


A place where you can unplug from the world around you and enter into a secret sanctuary.

What are your highest truth what are the ideals that you had and what is the place that you’re allowed to be able to marinate and meditate on those with Out the congestion of distractions and the saturation of just activity that can flurry and fill up your life and mental capacity.

It was said by Socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living but what does it really mean to be able to examine your life it definitely can’t be done Without careful consideration for the margin and should be in a place that’s conducive to original thoughts and original ideas that can surface in your mind when you heed to the call for stillness that our soul cries out for.

Now we like our Gardens to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Now there is a distinct reason why when you open the page of the Home and Gardens magazine to see the different Gardens that People take time and care to cultivate it is because in those instances they are not only fun, but those Gardens can be very conducive to creativity.

It says a lot when you’re able to have something that is valuable Because of the Blood Sweat and Tears that was invested into it as a craft.

And now even with our Swiss Gardens we understand that the tree does not bear fruit for its own self so therefore it we invite everyone to come and appreciate the beauty of our gardens.

Rich Roots


No vegetation can produce fruit, without roots first.

How’s the video coming along? You know, the one that is documenting the stage of birth and growth through the process that shows the tree to bring forth its fruit in it’s season.

Well it is said that farmers can dig their gold for a rich return of treasures untold so make sure that the land that they cultivate is not the land that they sold into being harvested by someone else who can not see the total investment of what is really going on at that place in time and how..

I know that you’re feeling it yea…

It was late in the game and the clock was winding down into the last bit, And to look outside your window and see rows and rows of live and healthy plants that are ready and ripe for the picking to be consumed and shared ready for enjoyment.

And then time brings the question was wondering what does it really mean right now the long-term effect of the Seeds what you’re sowing and what will the Harvest look like?

To that day where the dots are finally connected and put together and you realize that while the door is open and the windows are open and some new avenues of giftings.

These are the tenants that many Gardens International Drive to a different cross different cultures but the one they were focusing on here it is within the Swiss and its not the time to stop.