Rich Roots


No vegetation can produce fruit, without roots first.

How’s the video coming along? You know, the one that is documenting the stage of birth and growth through the process that shows the tree to bring forth its fruit in it’s season.

Well it is said that farmers can dig their gold for a rich return of treasures untold so make sure that the land that they cultivate is not the land that they sold into being harvested by someone else who can not see the total investment of what is really going on at that place in time and how..

I know that you’re feeling it yea…

It was late in the game and the clock was winding down into the last bit, And to look outside your window and see rows and rows of live and healthy plants that are ready and ripe for the picking to be consumed and shared ready for enjoyment.

And then time brings the question was wondering what does it really mean right now the long-term effect of the Seeds what you’re sowing and what will the Harvest look like?

To that day where the dots are finally connected and put together and you realize that while the door is open and the windows are open and some new avenues of giftings.

These are the tenants that many Gardens International Drive to a different cross different cultures but the one they were focusing on here it is within the Swiss and its not the time to stop.

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