Gardens of Grace


Have you ever been in a new or an enticing and a beautiful space and you felt and sensed a new and a different energy about it?

Now officially we’re going to get this into the context of garden but this could apply to any setting where there’s a charge at the theater the ballpark of all the movie theater or living room.

Different spaces in different places have different energies and different things that can excite and that can stimulate your feelings in a different way depending on how you respond to it.

And these are Universal themes across all Gardens whether it’s a Swiss garden and whether it’s a African Garden whether it’s a Japanese garden whether a Bonsai Garden where there’s a ant farm.

A classic example of the energy of a space can be found in attending a athletic event.

If you ever attended a football or soccer or hockey or baseball or basketball game than you can imagine coming into the stands and sensing emotions and the tensions high.

Now what we have many years of experience doing in the past and look forward to doing more in the future is to develop spaces that have been cultivated to embody a sacred sanctitude of Grace and peace.

A place where you can unhook from the rapid pace of whatever is going on within your life’s race and then be able to withdraw it and then reflect and internalize and reconnect with the Good in yourself and in others.

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