Garden Philosophy


There are philosophies for tranquility and rejuvenation intertwined in the construction of our gardens.

Here at swiss Gardens, we take care to work with only the best When it comes to those who can have a Creative Vision to create some space that carries the essence of tranquility and rejuvenation for those who enter in.

I found that those who live in an environment that is very busy and hectic maybe a big city like New York or maybe LA or somewhere or the other that’s bustling.

It is those individuals who take care to preserve the parks around them due to the fact that they’re such an integral part of the balance of that living system.

And when people understand and know that the park that they’re giving and contributing to the out going out for something that they can claim as their own and can fulfill a position within it.

Have you ever been to a park or public space that was so unkempt and disheveled and just so junky…

Full of litter, overgrown grass, grass in the sidewalks, Cracks in the sidewalk and just overall just not conducive space to be able to spend some quality time with your phone… ahem family..

Yes it’s a generation to Generation X that generally the digital generation getting More and more integrated into the technologies in their daily lives sadly more and more becoming disconnected with the elements of real life in the world around them Due to the overly consumption and obsession with the trivial things that grab their attention..

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